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Fart: The Knat
The Knat. That's it.
Fart: Who is Webby?
It is easy to forget the less popular newphew of Scrooge, and the new sister of...
Fart: The Lame Duck
It's okay, we all have lame farts sometimes.
Fart: Catchy Tune Potential 2
See the first Catchy Tune Potential fart.
Fart: Catchy Tune Potential?
Put this fart, along with the Catchy Tune Potential 2 fart together, and you could...

1. Getting the Message
2. The ladies of BurpsAndFarts.com
3. shaker
4. A Patient Gargle
5. The Double Threat
6. Out of Stomach Experience
7. Britney Spears burping
8. The Low Down
9. The swamp monster
10. Good Phone Manners

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1. The Knat
2. Chainsaw
3. Baby Powder Fart
4. whale
5. Collection that ends poorly
6. Put Your A$$ Into It
7. Light a candle with your fart
8. Who is Webby?
9. Seering Hot
10. The Lame Duck

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